“Actively managing asset allocation policy and security selection at the point where client objectives meet market opportunities.”
-Neal Falkenberry, Chief Investment Officer

What We Do

Wealth Management (RIA)

Autumn Wind Asset Management is an SEC-registered investment (“RIA”) advisor based in Washington, DC. We are a multi-family office that manages portfolios of individual securities for after-tax, after fee performance for taxable high net worth families, their trusts, and endowments. We service clients residing across the country who seek portfolios of heavily researched securities managed to specific investment objectives.

Hedge Fund

Autumn Wind Asset Management also serves as the General Partner to a hedge fund, the Autumn Wind Global Multi-Strategies Fund, LLC.  The objective of the fund is to expand client exposure to alternative asset classes and strategies that demonstrate low correlation to tradition long-biased stock and bond portfolios.

Investment Process

The investment process can be a complex, poorly understood and often deferred exercise. Often clients are overwhelmed by a focus on Fed policy, domestic or international investments, large cap or small cap, or stock versus bonds. We believe these discussions are important tactical topics but they are not the starting point for the investment process. We start with RISK. We end with RISK.

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