Hedge Fund

The Autumn Wind Global Multi-Strategies Fund
The Autumn Wind Global Multi-Strategies Fund is an absolute return hedge fund that offers its limited partners exposure to non-traditional strategies complimentary to more traditional stock and bond portfolios. The fund implements strategies directly through its general partner, Autumn Wind Asset Management, as well as allocates capital to specialty managers in such areas as private equity, distressed debt, or statistical arbitrage. The Fund is not a fund of funds. The fund is an expression of investment theses across a largeropportunity set of asset classes and strategies that do not fit well in traditional long-bias investment portfolios. The investment team managing the fund has an average of 30 years experience in investment management and has accumulated relationships with many intelligent, successful hedge fund managers during that tenure. The fund combines that expertise with that of the general partner in pursuit of its goal of an absolute return vehicle.

What We Do

Fund Strategies

The Autumn Wind Global Multi-Strategies Fund is better considered an alternative to fixed income securities than equities. While we do allocate capital to private companies there is always a yield component that serves as the basis for the investment. We are not a venture capital or private equity fund.

Fund’s Classification

The Fund offers two share classes, A and B. Class A is open to exclusively to wealth management clients of Autumn Wind Asset Management, an SEC-registered investment advisor. Class charges no carried interest or management fee. It is charged the same flat fee that all other investments are charged.

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