What We Do

Wealth Management (RIA)

As registered Investment Advisors our primary areas of specialization are as follows:

  • Identifying investment objectives and developing investment policy to meet a client’s return, risk, liquidity, tax, and time horizon constraints.
  • Actively managing asset allocation policy and security selection at the point where client objectives meet market opportunities.
  • Managing the global equity and fixed income allocations in a portfolio while identifying and retaining third party managers for specialty asset classes such as high yield, distress debt, and private equity. We take a broad view of global asset classes.

Team Approach

Autumn Wind works closely with our client’s CPAs, tax advisors, estate planning attorneys and even other investment managers. Most professionals at Autumn Wind have in excess of 20 years of experience in managing client assets within the context of an estate plan, trusts, and endowments.  We understand the value of synchronized experts in managing after-tax results.

Custody of Assets

Autumn Wind does not take possession of client assets. All client assets are held at Charles Schwab & Company, Inc. We believe it is important and prudent to separate custody of assets from management of those assets.

Hedge Fund

The Autumn Wind Global Multi-Strategies Fund is an absolute return hedge fund that offers clients exposure to non-traditional strategies complimentary to stock and bond portfolios.  We deploy a number of high frequency strategies internally as well as allocate capital to specialty managers in such areas as private equity, distressed debt, or statistical arbitrage.

The Fund is not a fund of funds but exists to express an investment thesis in a larger asset class opportunity set as well as to participate in strategies that do not fit well in traditional long-bias investment portfolios.

"The average length of an Autumn Wind client relationship is currently 14.2 years. The average years of experience of an Autumn Wind portfolio managers is 17 years. This compares to 7.2 years for the industry."
-Michael O’Donnell, Director of Client Support
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